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Both SAI, and the United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime that assigned to manage the work of General Secretariat of CoSP to the United Nation Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) signed the Host Agreement for the 8th session of the Anti-Corruption Conference to be held in Abu Dhabi from 16-20 December 2019. Approximately, more than 2000 participants are expected to take part in this conference representing the agencies responsible of anti-corruption in States Signatories to the Agreement in addition to representatives of international organizations, civil community institutions, universities and professional institutions. H.E Dr. Harib Saeed Al Amimi, president of SAI, Chairman of INTOSAI stated that the host of this conference came as we firmly believe in the importance of participation of civil community in fighting the corruption  and preventing all of its forms. H.E also said that the UAE preceded many countries in regulating and completing its domestic legislations on Anti-corruption in both public and private sectors.  The outcomes of first session of review showed robust and comprehensive domestic system of legislations which in aggregate came in accordance with the requirements of the UNCAC. The UAE, under the leadership of H.H. Sheikh Kalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan take the issue of anti-corruption as one of its strategic priorities believing that the corruption is the main obstacles of development plans and the major cause of rule of laws disruption and it deprives the claimants from their rights, He added. Moreover, the UAE government aims to complete all measurements to combat the corruption and establish the principles of accountability and transparency by enactment of legislations and activating systems and policies aims at proper use and manage of the public fund in which ensures provision of government services with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency.