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The SAI in its capacity as a chairman of INTOSAI signed a MOU with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna assigned for the work of the General Secretariat for The Conference of States Parties (CoSP) to the United Nations Convention against corruptions (UNCAC). H.E Dr. Harib Saeed Al Amimi, president of SAI and Chairman of INTOSAI, stated that signing this MOU comes as a culmination of UAE's efforts for cooperation with the international society combating corruption in all its forms. He added that this MOU is expected to lead for more cooperation between SAI’s society and the responsible bodies for fighting against corruption in the field of fighting corruption in the public sector’s institutions, which should contribute to raise the efficiency and effectiveness level of the mechanism of executing the UNCAC’s item by making use of the financial audit methods used by SAIs in auditing all different kind of government sector’s activities regarding the management and using of the public fund. Furthermore, H.E clarified that executing this MOU’ items will increase cooperation between SAIs and bodies responsible for fighting against corruption in the field of exchanging information, technical training and international cooperation at regional and bilateral levels in order to strengthen the prevention of corruption’s practices, hold those responsible accountable, develop means of detecting it and develop measures to reduce it to avoid its resulting serious damages and catastrophic consequences.