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H.E Dr. Harib Saeed Alamim, President of SAI, Chairman of INTOSAI heads the UAE delegation participated in the second session of the International Anti-corruption Team of the large quantities of assets derived from corruption in Oslo during the period from 12th to 14th June 2019. 

The meeting is expected to consider topics listed on its agenda, particularly the conclusions reached at the first meeting which was held in Lima at the end of last year as it recommended on the importance of cooperation between the member states’ signatories to the United Nations Convention against Corruption concerning funds and assets recovery derived from corruption. The agenda will also include reviewing best practices and successful experiences on preventing corruption related to large quantities of assets and working on activating the mechanism to pursuit criminals and bring them to justice. 

H.E stated that the damages caused by corruption acts represent the greatest threat to the stability of international peace and security as the funds derived from corruption fuels regional conflicts causing wars and destruction of people and disruption of sustainable development goals. He also emphasized on the importance of the international synergies to fight corruption and prevent damages that might affect the financial resources of people and waste it on fueling international conflicts and wars which negatively reflects the standard of living, health and social of people.

He also added that the UAE preceded many countries on the completion of anti-corruption legislations system and enacted laws and legislations regarding pursuing criminals and bring them to justice. It also worked on activating international communication channels at bilateral and regional level to cooperate with the international community considering all possible ways to fight corruption and dry up its sources.