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The SAI represents the UAE in the meetings of the Implementation Review Group of the CoSP to the UNCAC, to be held at United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) headquarters in Vienna over 5 days during the period from 27 until 31 May, 2019.

The UAE participation comes as a state party in the mentioned convention through an official delegation formed by SAI as the central authority concerned in following up the implementation of the convention in the UAE.

The current session meetings discuss several crucial issues related to the convention including reviewing the implementation of the convention and the drawing of lots to determine which State is undergoing review and which one is acting as reviewing State during the fourth year of the second cycle of the Implementation Review Mechanism. In addition to discussing the performance of the Implementation Review Mechanism, technical assistant and financial and budgetary matters.

Of note, the UAE implementation of both second chapter (preventive measures) and the fifth chapter (asset recovery) of the UNCAC is expected to be reviewed in the second cycle of the Implementation Review Mechanism.

The 13th intersessional meeting of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Asset Recovery will be held to discuss the enhancement of the mutual legal assistant for purposes of international cooperation and asset recovery, where it will discuss the progress made in the implementation of the competencies related to asset recovery. Furthermore, the Group will held a forum to discuss the strengthen of the practical aspects of asset recovery including the existing challenges and the good practices, which discuss the non-binding guidelines on the exchange of information in the right time according to Article 56 of the convention and improving the coordination and communication among the different nets of the asset recovery practitioner. As well as organizing a panel discussion about two issues, the first one is about the best practices to determine the identity of the different type of victims and compensate them based on the provisions of the convention while the second issue is about challenges that faces the third parties and its effects on asset recovery pursuant to the fifth chapter of the convention. Finally the Group will held a forum to discuss the technical assistant and capacity building subjects  in line with the fifth chapter's articles of the convention.

In conclusion, the eighth meeting of the international governmental experts will be held on the international cooperation in order to discuss the implementation of the fourth chapter of UNCAC including lessons learned and good practices and challenges, and review the progress made in the implementation of experts competencies and the results of country reviews on the implementation of Chapter four of the Convention. Moreover, a panel discussion will be organized on the common reasons to refuse and delay the response to the mutual legal assistant's requests related to the corruption crimes listed in the convention and the proper innovative solutions. Beside the discussion of the practical issues related to the international cooperation in the managerial and civil issues, the experts will review the tools and services provided by the UNODC to promote the international cooperation, in addition to the exchange of the opinions and experiences on the priorities of capacity building to fight the current challenges in the international cooperation field on anti-corruption.

H.E. Dr. Harib Saeed Al Amimi, president of the SAI, Chairmen of the INTOSAI, stressed the importance of the UNCAC adopted by the General Assembly in October 2003 and entered into force in 14 Dec 2005 in which the SAI undertakes the full supervision on the implementation and proposes improvement to the stat's legislation to consist with its provisions and requirements.

He added that the SAI is harnessing all its potentials to follow up the implementation of the convention and spare no efforts to support the reviews that UAE participates in through qualifying and training the employees and raise their capacities by assigning the corruption file to them either on international or local level.

H.E stated that the UAE's implementation of the convention provisions has been reviewed in 2013 and the governmental experts in the convention commended the efficiency of the followed legal system in the UAE in line with its provisions which reflects the wise government and the leadership dedication to fight all forms of corruption due its huge damages on disrupting the development projects, undermines the rule of law and prevents the rights to reach their owners.