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UAE has participated in the work of the 8th session of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Prevention of Corruption in the framework of the UNCAC which was held at the headquarter of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Vienna.

UAE has participated as a party of the mentioned convention through an official delegation formed by Decree from H.E. Dr. Harib Al Amimi, president of SAI and chairman of INTOSAI in his capacity as the chairman of the central authority to follow up the implementation of the convention in the state. H.E/ Mohamed Rashid Al Zaabi, undersecretary of SAI, chaired the state delegation including Hassan Mohamed Al Hammadi, Chief Prosecutor of Public Funds in Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, Mr. Saud Abdulla Mosa, legal auditor in SAI and the in addition to the Permanent Mission of the United Arab Emirates in Vienna represented by Dr. Ahmed bin Nasr Al Zaabi, International Organizations Affairs officer.

The session meetings has discussed several substantive themes related to the convention and focused on the efforts undertaken by the States parties in anti-corruption through its educational institutions. In addition to the integrity in the criminal justice institutions.


UAE's efforts in anti-corruption through the educational field

The General secretariat of convention presented a report that praised the great efforts of the state parties in anti-corruption through the educational field. Moreover, the General secretariat appreciated the efforts of UAE's SAI through the campaign of raising anti-corruption awareness and its causes and the ways of reducing corruption. UAE's SAI has been invited to be among the main speaker in the meetings as an example of the most prominent successful experiments in anti-corruption in the educational field. H.E. Mohamed Rashid Al Zaabi, chairman of the SAI's delegation, pointed in his presentation on the great efforts of the state in anti-corruption through the educational institutions where SAI has launched an awareness plan for schools and universities' students in the field of anti-corruption and protecting public fund.

In addition, Al Zaabi stated in the presentation that this initiative is based on SAI's interest in developing measures to prevent corruption and on the basis of its staunch belief in the importance of cooperation with all sectors of society especially the educational institutions. This is in order to provide an effect solutions to prevent corruption and fight it through the awareness of its dangers and its negative effects on society in line with the international efforts of the competent authorities of all countries of the world, in accordance with the requirements of provisions of the UNCAC that SAI is responsible for following up the implementation of the it as being in charge, as the central authority, in the concerned state.

Furthermore, he stated that the role of the SAI in this aspect is based on its interest in increasing the awareness of people especially the student's category regarding the danger of corruption and the financial and social damages associated with it and work to reduce it. Especially that the convention encourages the state parties to hold like these programs in order to increase the awareness about the danger of corruption and how to prevent it.

Moreover, the statistics for the implementation of the first phase of the awareness plan has been addressed in the presentation which achieved by holding a number of awareness programs for the educational institutions in the state under the title "SAI competencies in public fund control and anti-corruption". He also stressed that this program targeted a large number of students in faculties of law and business and economics in some educational institutions in the state.


H.E. Dr. Harib Al Amimi: Educational institutions are the main collaborator in the success of anti-corruption awareness system

H.E. Dr. Harib Al Amimi, president of SAI, stressed the importance of the concerted efforts to end corruption in all its form and to reduce its negative effects and that the educational institutions are the main collaborator in the success of anti-corruption awareness system where those institutions play a fundamental role in promoting integrity, transparency, responsibility and awareness among students in order to reduce corruption and to avoid its negative effects.

In addition, H.E. indicated that awareness programs has a significant role in anti-corruption field by promoting the students awareness in the educational institutions regarding the importance of protecting the public fund and their role in preserving the state property which is a national responsibility of everyone which consist in protecting the public fund and anti-corruption through developing SAI's initiatives and knowing the significant role of SAI to assure the good use of public fund in a legitimate and effective way.

H.E. added also that the most outstanding responsibilities of the educational institutions are linked in educating students in order to increase their awareness on the danger of corruption and the effective means to prevent it and create a culture to stay away from behaviors that leads to corruption. It is all for instilling the national and social responsibilities in compliance with the Islamic principles and values and the emirates society culture and morals that refuses all kinds of corruptions.