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Visa Process

A valid visa and passport are required for entry into the United Arab Emirates. No special visas are offered for Conference participants. All diplomats, employees of international organizations and foreign governmental bodies, and those travelling for business purposes will be required to undergo the standard procedure for acquiring visas through embassies of the United Arab Emirates and consulates overseas. Conference participants are advised to apply for visas well in advance. Please contact an embassy or consulate of the United Arab Emirates in your home country for more information.

Related information on visa requirements may be found on the website

·          United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already instructed all its Embassies and consulates worldwide to facilitate visa issuance for CoSP 8 participants. 

·         Countries that do not have UAE Embassy or consulate will require to submit their documents by Email to this address:

This is only for Countries that do not have UAE Embassy or consulate

·         For more information about the process follow the link